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Materials from the Mitsui Chemicals Group are widely used in such fields as electronics and information technology, automotive, housing and construction, packaging industries, healthcare and agriculture. Within the global group, Mitsui Chemicals Europe is responsible for operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. The company´s products include special chemicals, functional polymeric materials, polyurethane, basic chemicals, petrochemicals, and films and sheets. Automotive products are one of the strategic applications, which meet the highest global standards for quality.

Since 2018 the globally active ARRK Cooperation has become a consolidated subsidiary of the Mitsui Chemicals Group. With ARRK's high strength in development support (designing, analysis, prototyping, tooling, low-volume production), Mitsui Chemicals aims to strengthen its ability to market and offer full composite solutions over the entire product development process to various industries, especially in the mobility domain.

Design and Simulation

Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK as part of the Mitsui Chemicals Group work together on the development, manufacture and elaboration of applications of these materials for the automotive industry. With extensive knowledge on the starting materials and long experience in the product development process, the two companies pool their expertise for the optimum use of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics in vehicles and other parts.


TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD is an unidirectional thermoplastic tape consists of carbon fiber and polypropylene, achieved by an unique fiber bonding technology of Mitsui Chemicals. It has a very good water resistance, high stiffness and strength at low density. It offers excellent processability in thermoforming, tube winding, tape placement or back-injection molding.

Mitsui Chemicals developed composite material made by melting and mixing polypropylene (PP) resin with long glass fibers. Beyond a low specific gravity that allows the material to be used for lightweight, it also offers an attractive appearance with long glass fibers providing a good balance between hardness and impact resistance. The product is already being adopted in areas such as the unpainted insides of rear car doors. In Europe, this material is being supplied by Mitsui Prime Advanced Composites Europe B.V. (ACE).

In addition to the focus on PP production and compounding, the Group offers a wide range of products such as impact modifier (TAFMER™), thermoplastic elastomers (MILASTOMER™, Mitsui EPT™), adhesion promoters (ADMER™) and various functional polymers (ARLEN™, APEL™, TPX™). Due to their wide range of applications, these materials are ideally suited to meet the different needs of customers.

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Development partners to use our UD tapes in the field of vehicle components

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