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Tridec is part of Jost World, a world leader in the manufacturing of systems, modules and components for commercial vehicles. As global player Jost can guarantee the availability of products, without neglecting the local needs. Customers benefit Tridec’s know-how and the presence of Jost-World.

Tridec has a vast experience with many different trailer applications, circumstances, weather conditions and terrains. Each Tridec system is a engineered to order custom solution, to perfectly suit the customers needs. Tridec systems decrease tyre wear, improve fuel efficiency and make the impossible, possible! Its reliability is demonstrated by the 50,000 systems worldwide that are currently on the road.


Tridec develops and produces – independent from axle or trailer manufacturer – mechanically, hydraulically and electronically controlled steering systems. Tridec steering systems are characterized by translating the angle between a truck and trailer into a corresponding steering angle at the trailer axles. This translation is done either mechanically using rods, hydraulically using linked cylinders or electro hydraulically using sensors, pumps and actuators.

Tridec produces a large variety of both hydraulic and air suspensions. Each suspension has it’s own field of application and set of benefits for a customer.
All Tridec hydraulic steering and/or suspension systems are controlled by our own Tritronic trailer management system. This system allows the customer to control Tridec suspension/steering as well as any third party functions on a trailer (eg ramps, lights, lifts) using a singe wireless hand held remote control.

Process Optimization and Consulting

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Our use cases

Several feasibility studies have been done with regards to light weighting Tridec systems using composites or high strength steels. However the step to put this research into praxis is still on our future roadmap.



Development Status

Feasibility study

Development Partners

Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN)

What we are looking for

Implementing high strength steel to lightweight our designs

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Mathijs Hamers
Product engineer / Project leader R&D
(+31) 499 491050
Ekkersrijt 6030
5692 GA Son
The Netherlands

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