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Weimat Group is one of the leading suppliers in the areas of CNC, 3D and 5-axis milling, aluminium mould making, MuCell® injection moulding and deep drilling with numerous clients in the automobile industry, aerospace and the machine and tool manufacturing sectors.


- Mould Making: Moulds made of aluminium for prototypes, short and long production runs. In car manufacturing moulds are a crucial precision element in the production chain. Whether they are for prototypes, for short or long production runs, we can make them. In a project-orientated, efficient and precise manner. Whether it’s AMG, Brabus, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini, there are always parts from us in there somewhere.

- CNC, 3D, 5-Axis milling: Producing complex geometrical shapes. You come across them everywhere – complex parts with extraordinary geometry. Whether they are in aerospace, in the automotive sector or in machine and tool manufacturing, we can make them.

- Deep hole drilling: Optimally set up with 5 machines. Deep hole drilling or deep drilling is a special process in the metal cutting sector. We have many years of wide experience in this area and we are also happy to take on your projects on a subcontract basis.

- MuCell® injection moulding technology. One of the most important innovations of recent decades. In car manufacturing, it often comes down to the last gramme. MuCell® injection moulding technology not only makes significant materials and weight savings possible but also improves the precision of parts. So the Weimat Group offers everything from mould making to the end product from a single source, whether it’s a prototype or a long production run.

Our use cases

Mucell injection moulding technology


1. Reduction of the total costs from 10% to 30%
2. Reduction of the tool finishing time by +-40%.
3. Reduce the cycle time from 20% to 50%.
4. Reduction of material quantities from 5% to 50%

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MuCell® injection moulding technology
Moulds made of aluminium for prototypes, short and long production runs
Reducing the impact of Plastic Process on the Environment

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