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Noesis Solutions is a leading technology provider in the Process Integration and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization market, one of the fastest growing market segments in the mechanical design automation market.

Noesis Solutions has the experience to drastically increase the efficiency of established engineering processes. Noesis leverages past corporate investments in people, software programs, engineering processes and computer hardware, ensuring that they are utilized in the most productive way.

Noesis Solutions delivers innovative process-capturing services and technology that guarantee an unprecedented return on investment. Noesis helps its customers make better design decisions, and build products that are better - higher quality, safer, more reliable and better performing - while doing so much faster than ever before.

Design and Simulation

Noesis’ product portfolio is composed of two software platforms: Optimus and id8.

Optimus is an industry-leading Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) software platform, bundling a powerful range of capabilities for Engineering Process Integration, Design Space Exploration, Engineering Optimization and Robustness & Reliability.

id8 is a collaboration platform that lets data scientists and engineers get the most out of all available engineering data. Whether data are locally available in spreadsheets, have been generated by a Design Optimization platform or are stored in a central database, id8 will work with it and deliver unrivaled insights.

Tighter fuel economy regulations, the need for increasingly more safety related features, the growing role of electronics and software are only some of the engineering challenges that the automotive industry needs to cope with. All of this within a global context, in which manufacturers and suppliers need to collaborate so as to deliver the right product within strict timelines and tight budgets. Design space exploration, multi-disciplinary optimization and engineering data analytics are crucial elements of a winning Objectives Driven Engineering strategy in quest for growth.

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Marco Panzeri
Research and Innovation Manager
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Gaston Geenslaan, 11
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