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V2i develops tailor-made acquisition and monitoring solutions for zero-defect manufacturing applications and test benches. V2i offers a specific expertise in non-destructive inspection of composite and hybrid materials as well as welding quality assessment. On another side, V2i develops, uses and markets solutions to solve problems related to structure dynamics thanks to its unique know-how in simulation and experimentation of vibrations.

Design and Simulation

Vibration engineering
Numerical simulation: Shaker Testing (ISO 17025): wide range of vibration shakers for engineering and qualification.
Modal Testing: identification of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes (+ damping) for correlation purpose

Monitoring solutions: V2i develops tailor-made monitoring solutions for test benches and zero-defect manufacturing applications with a specific know-how in welding quality assessment and non-destructive inspection of composite and hybrid materials. Our specific products are:
- WELDO: real-time welding quality assessment in steel industry
- LYRA: comprehensive solution for remote structural health monitoring of civil engineering bridges
- DeFinder: non-destructive testing solution combining shearography and thermography

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LAY2FORM will create a new cost-effective multistage manufacturing platform, enabling the efficient integration of unconventional technologies in established composites-based processes.
The enhanced LAY2FORM manufacturing system will be a system of systems, containing the enabling process modules and digital sub-systems to create a continuous and automated manufacturing chain. Moreover, LAY2FORM will apply an integrated and systemic approach to implement full manufacturing routes and create new value chains, from materials conditioning to materials disassembly, being a robust basis for the efficient production of hybrid lightweight structures.
The multidisciplinary approach proposed in LAY2FORM comprises a complex interconnection of leading R&I topics to develop an industrially-feasible and competitive manufacturing platform, compatible with the Industry 4.0 vision.




Metal + CFRP


Lay-Up, Spond Bonding, Thermo-forming, Trimming, Coating

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What we are looking for

- New applications / processes requiring in-line inspection or quality control
- Test benches requiring data acquisition & monitoring solutions
- Qualification / certification of equipment under vibration environment

Contact details

Sébastien Hoffait/ Christophe Loffet
R&D Manager/ Business Development Manager
+32 4 287 10 82/ +32 4 287 10 76
s.hoffait@v2i.be/ c.loffet@v2i.be
LIEGE Science Park. Avenue du Pré Aily, 25
4031 Angleur

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