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We develop, test and produce magnetic solutions and products. With 50 years of knowledge, experience and our flexible approach we ensure a solid answer to any magnetic need. Whether that need is in automotive, oil & gas, recycling, renewable energy, retail or food & aquarium supplies.

Our headquarters are in Eindhoven. Bakker Magnetics dealerships and agencies can be found worldwide. Besides our production and assembly facilities in Eindhoven, we also produce magnets in our Joint Venture in Ningbo, China.


The ever-increasing demands for higher efficient electric motors can most efficiently be met with magnets. Magnets also help create compact and silent designs. That is why magnets are in high demand in the Drive & Motion industry. Magnetic solutions in Drive & Motion are complex and make use of powerful rare earth materials. We offer an unique combination of years of experience and a top-notch magnetic assembly production.

One of the most significant challenges in e-mobility is to keep making electric-motor more efficient. At the core of this innovation are permanent magnets, with not only their quality, but also their positioning potentially making a considerable difference in electric-motor performance. Bakker Magnetics in Science Park Eindhoven specialises in smart magnetic engineering, with its own development and production. A hi-tech partner virtually indispensable for the international e-mobility market, with 50 years of experience behind it.

Our use cases

Production of magnetic (hallbach assemblies) for different student motor development teams for solar racing vehicles (Delft, Groningen, Leuven – Universitities).


Hallbach solutions for lightweight design


Permanent magnet assemblies
Hallbach configurations


Design and manufacturing

What we are looking for

- Co- Magnetic development (Engineering)
- Magnetic Assembly expertise
- Production of magnets and assemblies for drive & motion

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Maarten de Bekker
Product Group Manager
Sciencepark Eindhoven 5502
5692 EL Son
The Netherlands

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