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Plastic Omnium
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Plastic Omnium, independent family-owned automotive supplier, develops innovative products and solutions for the cleaner and connected car of the future. Through its expertise, 128 factories and 24 R&D centers, the Group designs and produces vehicle light-weighting, storage and energy depollution solutions, as well as modularization of the front-end module for its 92 worldwide customers.


Exterior Systems
Modular and light weight parts to reduce vehicles’ CO₂ emissions. Expert in auto exterior parts, we offer tailored and multi-material high performance solutions. E.g;Tailgate, Bumper

Clean Energy Systems
Fuel tank systems
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and water injection systems
High pressure gas storage and fuel cell systems

Front-end module from design concept to implementation, to just-in-time delivery. It integrates the shock absorption beam, lighting and engine cooling systems, active front grille flaps as well as radars and driving assistance sensors.

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Axel Seifert
Business Line Director Composite Pressure Vessels
+32 475 42 68 14
1, allée Pierre Burelle
92593 Levallois Cedex

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