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InMotion is a student team of more than 50 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology that focusses on speeding up the energy transition. InMotion does this by developing a fast charging batterypack for electric cars and call this technology “Electric Refueling”. The ultimate goal is to charge this batterypack as fast as a petrol car is refueled.
No more ‘let’s grab a coffee while your car is charging’ when you don’t feel like it. Just refuel your electric car, in an instance, and be done with it.
The extreme fast charging is achieved by actively cooling the battery’s to keep them on the optimal working temperature. Using this technology, InMotion is building a electric endurance race car, which is going to compete in the 24h of Le Mans.

Design and Simulation

- We do not provide products or services
- We are a non profit organization

Further information

Early May ( Fast-charging endurance racecar reveal)

What we are looking for

- Partners that are willing to help the project with financial or product support
- Professionals with experience in endurance racing for consultation.

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Rainier Heijne
Team Manager
Automotive Campus 60

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