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As an independent knowledge and network organization, Mikrocentrum has been supporting the technical manufacturing industry for over 50 years with Training, Events and Business. We offer over 170 (technical) courses and annually organize 6 trade fairs, 5 business events and 15 thematic events. In addition to these activities, we offer companies a membership of the High Tech Platform, which now consists of 600 members. In all our activities, the aim is to increase knowledge, expand networks, improve business processes and to strengthen the competitive position of companies. We do this by working closely with a large network of industrial organizations, (semi) governments, knowledge and educational institutions.

Process Optimization and Consulting

Courses on Automotive technology:
Reducing the emission of harmful substances, safeguarding the energy supply, innovations in the field of green and smart mobility, digitization and automation of the mobility system and vehicles, the factory of the future and the development of lightweight materials and circular applications. Technology can offer a solution to all these challenges. Up-to-date knowledge of quality management, project management, product development, process improvement, measurement technology and materials knowledge is indispensable in the development of these new technologies. Mikrocentrum provides courses in these fields to further educate Automotive professionals.

Technology for Automotive Event
This event, specifically aimed at the innovative automotive industry in the Netherlands, is a combination of two well-known activities of AutomotiveNL and Mikrocentrum: The Automotive Congress and the AutomotiveNL Supplier Day. By combining the most successful ingredients from these events. Technology for Automotive 2021 offers an even more complete picture and more possibilities.

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- Technology for Automotive – 4th November 2021
- Automotive courses starting throughout the year

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Els van de Ven
Manager Evenementen
www.mikrocentrum.nl / www.technologyforautomotive.com
De Run 1115
5503 LB Veldhoven
The Netherlands

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