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Pontis Engineering is an ambitious and independent international company, active in the rapidly growing industry of advanced composite products.​

We specialize in “one stop shop” engineering solutions for the technological development of composite products, excelling in innovative power, cost effectiveness and quality. To this end we supply a wide range of services covering the entire process from conceptual design to (serial) production.​

Pontis forms the bridge between design and manufacturing. This means we assume a pivotal role in the supply chain, creating synergies, innovative concepts and integrated engineering solutions. For each project Pontis composes the optimal mix within the value chain, resulting in a highly successful, innovative and state of the art composite product.

Design and Simulation

DESIGN: Pontis translates product ideas into composite products. Whether this is a new idea or the translation of an existing product into a composite solution. At all times, we keep the manufacturing process in mind, leading to a cost effective and efficient design process.​


PROCESS DEVELOPMENT: The structural design must now be translated into the manufacturing design. Leveraging on Pontis’ know how and the latest industry technology, process trials are being set up to define the process parameters for manufacturing.​

PROTOTYPING: In this phase the choices made in design, materials and processes are applied in prototypes true to scale​

MANUFACTURING SUPPORT: This phase covers the implementation of a new product into serial production, or implementation of a new technology into an existing product.

Our use cases

light weight passenger bus and last-mile delivery vehicle​

Details of use cases

​Passenger bus; reduced weight of full bus with about 20%, resulting in significant increase in range (availability) Key challenge to define materials and processes in order to meet cost target.​

Last-mile-delivery vehicle; mass production composite design including overseas supply chain management (supplier qualification)

What we are looking for

composite product development​

Contact details

Sjef van Breugel​
Managing Director​
+31 629077478​
Piet Heinkade 55
1019 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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