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EconCore provides core technologies for most economic honeycomb sandwich panels and partsEconCore offers technologies for continuous production of most economic thermoplastic honeycomb materials which allow an in-line further processing to lightweight, cost efficient and high quality sandwich panels and parts.

EconCore’s daughter site ThermHex Waben also provides thermoplastic honeycomb cores and selected configurations of honeycomb sandwich panels. EconCore supports customers and licensees in their application development and integration of the EconCore technologies in existing production lines.


We are especiallised in the production of PP honeycomb cores, Recycled PET honeycomb cores, FR/FST honeycombs, PP honeycomb panels, Composite panels, Metal skinned honeycomb panels.

Typical Applications: 
- Trunk trim (polypropylene honeycomb cover boards)
- Load floor / Trunk trim (structural composite parts)
- Headliner
- Door panel / Door insert 
- Vibration dampening 
- Seat-back
- Lightweight elements for electric vehicles design
- Bulkhead
- Parcel shelf

Our use cases

Thermoplastic composite trunk floor of Hyundai Creta

Details of use cases

Replacement of PU based technology with a lighter, sustainable / recyclable and cost copetitive thermoplastic honeycomb technology in Hyundai Creta trunk floor. PP honeycomb core – PP/GF composite skin sandwich, converted into a finished part within a ultra short cycle compression molding process.


20% weight saving, Cost savings, Sustainable and Recyclable part, cycle time reduction


PP honeycomb core – PP/GF composite skin san


Thermoplastic, Compression Molding

Development Status

In Use

Development Partners

DPA Moldados (Tier 1)

Further information

Originally the Creta trunk floor was made with the paper HC – PUR/GF technology
Thermoplastic Honeycomb has replaced the conventional technology in 2019 in Brazil (DPA Moldados), prior to the launch of new model of Creta (New Creta model further continues using Thermoplastic Honeycomb technology)

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Tomasz Czarnecki
+32 16 381060
Ambachtenlaan 25
B - 3001 Leuven

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