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Urban Mobility Systems BV
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Urban Mobility Systems BV is a dynamic and fast growing company providing practical solutions that enable full-electric transport of people and goods. Our core business is Clean-Tech Engineering. We build high quality solutions for our partners.

Lars Kool founded the company in 2016 and then put together a group of specialists. Our management team and company core consists of seasoned specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive/ transport and energy industry (Ned train, ProRail, Ginaf, Actia, Denso, Nedstack…)


Electrification of transport solutions on project basis (development)
Off-Grid energy storage & Grid-Balancing solutions Integrating Hydrogen energy storage/ range extenders in EV projects
Market research and distributor selection for foreign OEM’s / investors
Development of autonomous vehicles

Our use cases

UMS Zolution

Details of use cases

The Zolution is a last-mile delivery vehicle developed by UMS based on the requirements of the transport industry and companies operating “city-hubs” throughout the Netherlands.
Based on the Nissan eNV200 the Zolution is made of a lightweight GRP sandwich construction.
The monocoque construction results in a low floor and a optimal weight to payload ratio making the vehicle ideally suited for deliveries in narrow inner-city streets.


- Low weight (High payload)
- Low floor (no need for tail lift)
- Accessible with pallets / roll-containers
- 18 m³ usable volume!
- 1000 + kg payload


GRP composite sandwich


Vacuum forming

Development Status

Commercially available

Further information

To learn more about Zolution UMS, please Click here

Additionally, Zolution - YouTube

What we are looking for

Manufacturers of raw materials
Fleet-owners/operators looking for light-weight (last-mile) delivery vehicles

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Bert van Mil
Galliërsweg 16-18
5349 AT, Oss
The Netherlands

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