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GBO Innovation Makers
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We design, develop and deliver products that are used all over the world.
Founded in 1990 and rooted in product development, we have grown into a full-service design agency that focuses on the entire product development spectrum, including the delivery of products. We operate across three countries with an awesomely creative team of 30+ Innovation makers. Our work has been recognized by numerous awards, including iF GOLD, G-mark and REDDOT Best of the best.
Driven by our core values of Dynamic, Inspiring and Craftsmanship, we strive for continuous innovation.

Design and Simulation

- Sketching and brainstorming
- Strategic design
- Sound design
- Graphic design
- Visualizations, styling
- Consumer insights
- Brand DNA
- Market analysis
- Design vision
- User testing
- Conceptual design
- Process optimization and Consulting

Our use cases

Motexion VW T6

Details of use cases

For Motexion we designed and developed the double-cabin version of the Volkswagen Transporter van for the Dutch importer Pon. The design had to fit the T6, a model still in development at the time we started the project. A challenge, because VW didn‘t share the classified files with us so we had to develop a lot of the design and the parts based on our intiution. In the end, it turned out a perfect match, both in design and in materialization. Special attention was payed tot the balance between a good look & feel and the lowest weignt possible. Only a trained eye can see where the OEM Volkswagen parts stop and our Motexion parts start. We won a GIO design award with this project.

Contact details

Thijs van der Zanden
Manager Design
Wethouder den Oudenstraat 6
5706 STHelmond
The Netherlands

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