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Teijin Automotive Center Europe GmbH
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The Teijin Group is a technology-driven global group of 174 companies, more than 20,000 employees and total sales of approximately 7 Billion €, operating in the fields of advanced fibers, plastics & films, composites, healthcare, and IT businesses.

Incorporating the Composites Business Unit Teijin is a global automotive Tier 1 for light weight composites solutions with strong integration along the value chain. Main production facilities are Continental Structural Plastics (CSP), Inapal Plásticos and Benet Automotive s.r.o. with sites in North America, Europe and Asia. We offer the most advanced composite materials development processes in the world. Our expert staff is continually seeking ways to make our structural composites lighter and stronger, helping our OEM customers meet industry regulations for increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions.

Teijin Automotive Center Europe GmbH (TACE) in Germany is a base for technical functions, handling concept, designing, prototyping, evaluations, marketing and research for next-generation automotive components, utilizing the Teijin Group's capabilities to provide multi-material solutions for next-generation vehicles.


Carbon fibers
Films and sheets
Resin, flame retardants, additives


Automotive Composites Parts and Systems
Liquid compression molding
Prepreg, Autoclave

Our use cases

Demonstrator: Multi-material battery enclosure
Series production: Class-A, body panels, doors and closures, fender, hood, battery cover, battery box, load floor, truck bed, engine encapsulation, structural / semi-structural parts

Details of use cases

Teijin/CSP is currently in development and production of more than 34 different EV battery box covers. We have also developed a full-sized, multi-material battery enclosure. Reducing the overall weight and the need for multiple welds, fasteners and bolts which can ultimately result in leaks, the cover and the tray are each molded as one piece, providing a system which is easier to seal and which can be certified prior to shipment.

Teijin also developed a mounting frame utilizing a structural foam for energy absorption, enabling a reduction of frame thickness and weight, while improving crash performance. Additional benefits include:
-Ability to mold-in shielding, including EMI and RFI protection
-Feasibility of complex shapes, mold-in sealing features
-High strength, dimensional stability
-Corrosion resistance
-Reduced tooling cost
-15 % lighter than steel and equal to aluminum
-Superior temperature resistance compared to aluminum

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Kristian Seidel
Senior Manager Technology
+49 175 1915882
Kasinostrasse 19-21
42103 Wuppertal

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