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ARRK SPG delivers high quality products and services in the innovative technical domain. We strive for an honest and pleasant collaboration, in which knowledge, quality and service are our highest priorities. We consider ARRK SPG to be an intermediary link between the customer and the supplier’s side. On one hand, we serve as a manufacturer of prototyping parts and elements, driven by our love for and knowledge about plastics and metals. On the other hand, we work in close harmony with our valued suppliers in the global ARRK network and local vendors. This allows us to offer pro-active project management and enables us to cover even more steps of the product development cycle.

Our use cases

VW MEB Floor Panels, MuCell and D-LFT Compression moulding

Details of use cases

VW MEB Floor Panels – Prototyping in series materials using thin wall injection moulding, GMT pressing including local reinforcements by Tepex sheets.

MuCell (physical foaming) and Foaming Agent (chemical foaming) for injection moulding (up to 1.700 tons clamping force); several Automotive prototyping projects as for e.g. Porsche.

D-LFT Compression moulding (Direct Long-Fiber-Thermoplastic Compression moulding) – to be able to use longer fibers in a part for stronger properties, and thus less material needed for requirements. Can be combined with local reinforcements of additional material to strenghten locally where needed without adding material all around the part.

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Koen Huiskes
Project Manager
+31 495 459 237
Titaniumstraat 3
NL-6031 TV Nederweert
The Netherlands

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