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DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass
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DK specialises in making car windows for prototypes and concept cars. The self developed ovens and our other machines allow us to produce high-quality car windows in small numbers quickly. We can make laminated, heat strengthed and semi tempered laminated glass and apply ceramic print, antenna‘s, heating (using wires, silkscreen printing, silver coated glass or conductive PVB (XIR)). Our processes ensure good optical quality even in difficult areas like ADAS cut out. The optical quality of our windscreens is also high enough for HUD.

We keep up with new developments. We can do in-house decoating, make FPC‘s, apply smart films, etc.

DK develops new applications for car windows and offers support to car manufacturers and their suppliers in the field of innovation. Three points are central: comfort, design and CO2 reduction.


DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass is an innovative company that is active in various areas. All processes required to create a car window from flat glass are executed in-house. These windows are always fitted with the extra features demanded in the car industry of today and tomorrow, such as heating, antennas, the option for Head-up Display and more.

We work for different kinds of clients. We make prototype windows (for tests and presentations), windows for concept cars (for car shows). We also support suppliers by processing flat glass for small production runs and we work with the R&D divisions of various companies to test car glass applications.

Products and services:
- Car window concept
- Prototype Windows
- Product Support
- Safety glass
- Heated and ComforGlass
- Coatings and films
- Add-ons

Our use cases

We help large OEM‘s in reducing the thickness of the glazing. We also tested extra thin glazing in combination with rigid PVB‘s.

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Bart Driehuis
+31 172 490905
Produktieweg 5.
2404 CC Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

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