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VDL Parree is over 70 years specialized in high tech injection moulded plastic parts for the automotive industry, assemblies and hybrid metal-plastic parts. This special combination together with the possibilities of co-design and production engineering, makes VDL Parree to a valuable system supplier to source your complete production.

VDL Parree is an efficiently organized business in all respects. The company possesses an advanced machine park and, just as importantly, a strong team of skilled professionals. The production departments ensure your products are ready at the agreed times and with the expected level of quality. You can place orders on a one-off basis, on an annual call-off basis or digitally via EDI. The skilled professionals in our tool shop are at your service 24 hours a day to guarantee your production and keep your tools in perfect condition. The in-house engineering department supports you throughout the entire process, from design to the start of production. We have all the necessary CAD facilities to do so.


Plastic injection moulding:
VDL Parree focuses mainly on products with a high degree of difficulty. This factor is often found in sectors where the quality of the product is paramount. Sectors we work for are the automotive industry, child safety products and the medical devices industry. Processes we currently offer: Insert & Outsert moulding, Gas injection , 2K injection moulding, Mucell, Injection compression moulding, Toolmaking

When people talk about injection moulding, the discussion often turns to assembly. The reason these two subjects are so closely intertwined is that most parts made with injection moulding must then be assembled. Additional steps are required to arrive at a finished product. As a system supplier, VDL Parree can also handle all the assembly work in house. This allows us to provide you, the customer, with a product that is ready for further distribution. 

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If customers would like to work with us they should contact us by email of telephone, see our website for more additional information.

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- Development partners
- New business (outside automotive industry)

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Sales Manager
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Sevenum, The Nederland

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