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Turning ideas into products. That’s what we do.
As a specialist in making plastic prototypes and (small) series, we are at the cradle of new products. We support our customers’ design and development teams by taking the production process of plastic parts completely out of their hands.
We convert our wealth of in-house knowledge in mould design, injection moulding and materials into high-quality products with a fast delivery time. This requires efficiency, insight into the process and a great deal of experience.
One major advantage for us is that the design and production process takes place at one location. Combined with our open structure for easier communication, this helps make the process more efficient. Projects of up to 30 moulds are no problem for us.
We specialize in proto tooling injection moulded products for cars, from large exterior parts such as complete bumper assemblies to interior products such as dashboards and door panels.
However, we also produce plastic series products for the automotive or non-automotive industry. We mainly focus on the small series and niche market, which most major suppliers overlook due to the lower production numbers and a higher degree of flexibility required. But for us, these projects are no problem at all.
We can produce 50 to 100,000 pieces over a lifetime, using various mould concepts and materials such as aluminium, steel or hybrid solutions depending on the numbers, quality requirements, materials and dimensions you require.No matter how innovative your ideas are, we always have the knowledge, resources and capacity in-house to translate them into a beautiful product.

Machinery and Tooling

Tooling: We design and produce our own moulds for the production of the prototype- or series production.Tools can be made from aluminium, steel or a combination of both materials. We offer tailor-made tooling solutions for the production of 100 to 100,000 parts!


At Kupron we focus on plastic components for both vehicle interiors and exteriors. We always start with the CAD design drawing provided by the customer. In just a short period of time we can transform this into products such as painted front or rear bumper, door upholstery, a hybrid A, B or C column, dashboard or central console. Kupron is ISO 9001 certified.

Part production: Our injection moulding machines have a clamping force ranging between 120 tons and 2,000 tons, all with different capacities. This enables us to produce virtually any type of injection-moulded product for our customers. We also have the possibility to produce parts using Mucell foaming technology. This in order to save weight and material. Increased stiffness is also one of the advantages of this process!

We pride ourselves in alleviating customers’ concerns as much as possible. For that reason, we not only supply injection-moulded components, but also look after assembly and we can measure parts with 3D scanning or by using other measuring techniques.

CNC Milling Aluminium of steel parts for end-use. We have a modern machinepark of 5-axis milling machines do produce these parts in house!

Our use cases

Overmoulding Thermoplastic Composite reinforcement

Details of use cases

In this project we build an aluminium injection mould to overmould multiple kinds (types) of thermoplastic composites.
The tier 1 customer used this tool to evaluate multiple material combinations. All tool trials took place on our own injection moulding machines.

Also in the production / forming of the composite part we could support our customer.

What we are looking for

- Small series production of plastic parts
- High-quality injection moulded prototypes
- CNC Milling of aluminium or steel end-use parts.
- Overmoulding tpc materials in aluminium tools

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Bob Goessen
Sales Manager
+31 653287061
Industriestraat 2D
6135, KH Sittard
The Netherlands

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