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B.engineering is a full service engineering company with the distinctive ability to merge numerous disciplines like product design, software and electronics , mechanical engineering, and prototyping into one final solution.
We work from a clear and straightforward structure. Our diverse multidisciplinary team of technical professionals and design experts have a broad expertise in the complete product development process to develop and make groundbreaking solutions.
Creating innovative products of the future in collaboration with our clients is what inspires us.
We are driven by our expertise and craftsmanship which enables us to push the boundaries in engineering and product development for you.

Design and Simulation

B.Engineering can support in the Design, product design and engineering of seprate parts in the automotive or mobility field.

This can be support to engineering frames, mechanical structures not related to drive trains or structural parts.
But including, functional analaysis, user analysis, styling , prototyping , first set up of parts, interior parts, mock ups.

Our use cases

Re design of front axis, rear axis, sliding blocks, steering system for a hybrid agricultural tractor. This to reduse the total weight of all parts in such a way that the total weight of the tractor would be under the 5000Kg.


- Reduce total weight
- By reducing weight the performance of the hybrid system would increase
- By reducing total weight less heavy electric motors are needed.


- Steel

Development Status

- Prototype status

Contact details

Erik Groot
Business Unit Director
+31 06 15294100
Riethovensedijk 20
The Netherlands

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