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The company of Up2-Tec GmbH is specialized in the fields of individual lightweight structures, fibre composite products and technologies. Up2-Tec is focused on prototype development and small series production beginning with the design and engineering up to tooling and production. With our experienced engineers, we offer a broad variety of engineering solutions such as structural design and analyses or optimization of components. Our cooperation network of universities and industrial partners allows the realization of complex projects for customers mainly out of the aerospace-, automotive- or engineering industry.

Based upon project specific requirements and a given design suggestion Up2-Tec is able to dimension components in order to define composite lay-up and characteristics as well as to produce a component or of a complete structure. Optionally strength and weight optimization may be done in combination with an optimization of the production process.

Design and Simulation

- Design optimization
- Structural strength analyses
- Lightweight structures
- CAD design and technical drawings


- Tools and Mock-Ups
- Prototype Design & Construction
- Full Functional and/or design Models
- Parts, components and assemblies

Fibre reinforced 3D composite models/ parts/ components like sandwich-systems, shells, tubes and profiles:
- Intrusionprovider and battery cover
- Car body elements (roof, wing, frame and more)
- Composite spring elements

Our use cases

Car body composites

Details of use cases

The mobility sector requires lightweight structures to be more economic . Development, prototyping and evaluation of those components efforts a lot of costs and time. Often there is a high risk of design changes between prototype and serial production. Up2-Tec is focussed on dimensioning laminate lay-up based upon stiffness and strength calculation covering your design idea. Parallel design and manufacturing process may be defined and transferred to our tool and composite production. Due to the direct attachment of development, design and production any design changes and optimizations may be incorporated in short ways to be efficient and flexible at the same time.

Component examples:
Sandwich roof structure of e-mobile
GFK hollow frames for front and back screen of e-mobile
GFK body components (shells): wings, bumper, hood and more


Functional lightweight structures
Short ways of prototype development


Fibre reinforced sandwich structures
Natural-, Glass- or Carbon fibre
Cores of foam, paperboard and cork


Individual layup based upon spec.
Heated vacuum membrane process

Development Status

Completed car bodies for e-mobile

Development Partners

PEM Motion GmbH, e.go Mobile AG, Engiro GmbH

Further information

Composite Research Projects:

-Development of heatable and stretchable membrane systems for use in out of autoclave process like preforming, fixation or binding by SPS controlled temperature and pressure condition (partner: ITA). Economic and flexible composite 3D forming.

-Development of flexible, adjustable and heatable winding core for production of multi-curved tubes with multi-filament winding machines. Economic process for individual lightweight tube production (partner: ITA).

- Development of 100 % natural/ recycled sandwich panel. Ecologic and sustainable.

What we are looking for

Customer/partner for green economy products. Development of 100 % natural based/ recycled sandwich panel
Customer/partner for composite profiles, panels and individual shaped shells

Contact details

Dipl.-Ing. Roman Holtz
Managing Partner
+49 (0) 241 412 503 40
Pannhauser Str. 10
52072, Aachen  

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