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Centexbel is the Belgian Competence Center for Textiles and Plastics. Since more than 10 years, the centre is active in the development of composite materials in projects at EU and regional level. As a collective research center, Centexbel has as mission to promote the competitiveness of industrial companies by encouraging and supporting innovation with five complementary activities. These activities include applied research and development, knowledge dissemination, standardization, testing and certification. One of the five technology platforms existing at Centexbel is the textile and composite platform that is equipped with modern machines to realize prototypes and demonstrators of fibrous reinforcement structures for composite materials.


- Polymer Resins and Additives
- Fibers: Glass Fibers, Carbon Fibers, Aramides, Basalt
- Comingled Yarns
- Short Fiber Compounds
- Long-fiber-reinforced Compounds
- Molding Compounds
- Unidirectional Tapes
- Structural reinforcement Materials 2D and 3D structures
- Biobased and natural materials
- Laminates and Sheets
- Fabrics
- Fillers and Reinforcers

Machinery and Tooling

- Presses
- Injection Molding
- Tape Winding and Placement
- Weaving, braiding, embroidering, knitting


- Prototyping of reinforcements
- 3D printing of composites
- Light RTM

Process Optimization and Consulting

- Technical Support

Our use cases

Centexbel is involved in many projects at European, national or regional levels

H2020 Bio4self project:
The goal of the project is to develop fully biobased composite materials based on high performance nanofibrillar PLA fibres. To produce these composites, a low melting PLA matrix is combined with a high tenacity, higher melting PLA fibre.

Bio4self Newsletter 1
Bio4self Newsletter 2
Bio4self Newsletter 3

Centexbel's concept for a biobased  self-reinforced composite material receives the prestigious JEC World Innovation Award in the category “Sustainability”

Mécatech Comp2blades project: Composite development with complex architecture for wind turbine blades.

Skywin VIBRA project: Support of Braiding process by virtual engineering

Interreg NWE Cobracomp: Braided textiles to improve the competitiveness of composite materials industry in NWE

Further information

Testing can also be carried out in our laboratories
- Impact testing
- Testing equipment
- Conductivity testing
- Microscopy/SEM
- Chemical characterization

Detailed listing of our products and services:

- Fibrous material (fibers, filaments, yarns, fabrics)
- Thermoplastics and Thermosets
- Biobased polymers
- Natural materials

Machinery and Tooling
- Platform equipped with machines for braiding, weaving, knitting and embroidering
- Light RTM
- 3D printing of continuous filament composites

- Prototyping of structural reinforcements can be realized on our platform by braiding, weaving, knitting and embroidering

Process Optimization and Consulting
- Execution of tests with various fibrous materials (GF, CF, Basalt, Polymers)
- Technologic consulting services

What we are looking for

Centexbel offers:
- R&D activities for manufacturing companies
- Testing: chemical, physical, microbiological, burning behavior
- Technical support for Material and Process development
- Project building expertise

Contact details

Bernard Paquet
R&D manager Technical Textiles & Composites
+32 4 296 8238
Rue du Travail 5
4460 Grâce-Hollogne

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