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“Our clients are changing how the world works, travels and communicates. And we’re right there with them – demonstrating the full power and true potential of Test.” – François Rainville, President & CEO

Founded in 1999, Averna is a Test Engineering leader, delivering innovative test and quality solutions for numerous clients in wide-ranging industries around the world. Our solutions facilitate brand protection, accelerate time to market, and reduce total costs throughout the producto lifecycle.

Design and Simulation

Our Services: We offer a full range of Test Engineering services and automated test equipment for every stage of the product lifecycle – from design and NPI through production and repair.
Our Products: We put hard-earned expertise, technical innovation and extensive R&D into leading off-the-shelf test solutions for RF and infotainment testing as well as customized Solutions for every aspecto of the automotive industry.
Our Expertise: We help drive client success with our deep know-how in automation, Machine Vision, RF, Electric Vehicle Test Design, Design for Test, GPS/GNSS, broadband, PXI, NI TestStand/LabVIEW, FPGAs, fixturing, robotics, build-to-print, Precision Assembly and more.
Our Clients: We place great value on our long-lasting partnerships with our customers. With 20+ years experience in aerospace, consumer electronics, defense, life sciences, and telecom, the majority of our relationships are within the automotive & transportation sector.
Our Team: We are test engineers, system architects, hardware specialists, software developers, project managers and other professionals, and work closely with partners like Keysight, JOT and National Instruments.

Our use cases

Electric Vehicle Power Components EOL Test Platform

Details of use cases

Flexible and scalable platform to test EV power components including but not limited to:

• Inverters;
• DC – DC modules;
• On Board Charges (OBC);
• Battery Management Solutions BMS/TMS;
• Small Motors/Actuators;
• Power Distribution Units (PDU);
• Other Power Electronic Modules.

Test Types:
• Safety & Insulation
• Functional
• Leakage
• AOI/Laser


• Customizable platform to accommodate and grow throughout the product lifecycle.
• Automate safety, functional, and leakage tests with part labeling and quality inspection for common EV ECU modules.
• Reduce cost, risk and time to market.

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Partnerships to develop automotive solutions of the future with a lower carbon footprint and an outlook to growth.

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Kurt Hensen
Vice-President of Business Development
+32 11 35 25 48
Research Campus 8

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