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Based in Brussels, Belgium, Veramtex is a company specialised in textile finishing and more specifically in the treatment of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and regenerated cellulose. Besides the Beau-Fixe treatment, improving various properties of cellulose fabrics, Veramtex also can apply its Flam-Fixe treatment to make cellulose fibres permanently flame-resistant.

This is interesting to use fabrics like flax in the production of bio-based composites, with adapted resins, epoxy or polyester. Veramtex just finished a Life research project on this topic, called FARBIoTY ( for more information) and wants to start production.
Veramtex currently holds 10 people and handles more than 8 million meters..


VERAMTEX is a finishing company, applying very special treatments to fabrics to change their properties. More specifically:

Beau-Fixe ammonia treatment: it can be applied to any vegetable fibre, such as cotton, line and regenerated cellulose. The treatment causes the fibre to swell and the fabric to shrink widthways. This has the advantage of stabilizing the fabric when it is washed. The shrinkage is constant for fabric of the same type.

Flam-Fixe: This treatment makes it possible to impart flame retardancy to cellulose fabrics and their blends with synthetic fibres. The highest standards of fire retardants, such as M1, B1 or UL-94 V0, can be reached making the materials usable in composites for which flame resistance is a must.

Our use cases

Flame and ageing resistant biobased composites

Details of use cases

Using our Flam-Fixe technology, we finished in September 2021 the FARBIoTY project. It proved that we can produce flax fabrics that can be used in biocomposites needing flame-retardancy.


Our treatment not only makes the fabrics flame retardant, it also improves the drape of the fabrics, making it Easier to fill complex moulds and, last but not least, impregnation of the resin is better. An LCA analysis also showed the advantages in terms of sustainability of using flax-fabrics instead of glass fabrics.


Proven on flax fabrics be any fabric made of cellulose (hemp, ramie), possibly in blend with synthetics, could be used.

Development Status

Up to demonstrator. The technology can now be industrialized

Development Partners

Depestele (France – production of flax), Nord-Composite (france – manufaturer of polyester resin), Sicomin (France – producer of epoxy)

Further information

For information about the FARBIoTY project Click here

Brochures to download

Beau-Fixe presentation: Click here
Flam-Fixe presentation: Click here
Process flow of finishing with THPC: Click here

What we are looking for

Veramtex just ended a project called FARBIoTY, aiming at creating bio-based composites, flame and ageing resistant. We are now in a phase where we are looking for industrial partners interesting in using and optimizing the technology.

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Marc Vanhoomissen
+32 (0)2 262.02.34
Zoning GALILEI, Avenue Antoon van Oss, 1 - box 9
BE-1120 Brussels

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