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Ernenst Financial Engineering
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The result of innovative projects depends on the way they are developed, organised and implemented. In each of these three phases, there are elements that are important for the realisation of the project. The right focus on these elements leads to a manageable process, with the end result of achieving the set goals.

Ernenst Financial Engineering bv (EFE) facilitates that process.

Design and Simulation

Ernenst Financial Engineering bv (EFE) provides support in the entire process from development to completion of the project. EFE's expertise can also be applied to the individual elements:

- Translating ideas into concrete project descriptions
- Exploring and tapping the right external funding sources
- Setting up the project administration in order to properly monitor the project and to be able to justify
its progress to the external financiers
- Guidance in tendering procedures
- Training in the various aspects of project development and implementation Training in (subsidy)
- Supporting the project manager (client) by taking over operational (process and administrative)
activities, so that he/she can give all his/her attention to the content of the project
- Budget monitoring, (final) reports for the board/management/external financiers

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Jos Ernenst
+31 (0)43 851 60 11 / +31 (0)6 29 530 993
Gravenstraat 63
6225 AC Maastricht
The Netherlands

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