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As market leader in the design, engineering and production of automotive roof solutions, we apply our expertise, knowledge and experience for the roof systems of today, tomorrow and the more distant future. This way we are boosting substantial differentiation in regards to the mobility experience. By doing so, we help address today’s issues without leaving clients exposed to tomorrow’s challenges and those of the more distant future. Our company slogan “Powered by Spirit, driven by Innovation” is both a promise and an ambition. It represents our core competence of enhancing comfort and in-vehicle mobility experiences. Inalfa Roof Systems is a company who lives and breathes innovation. Authenticity elicits enthusiasm and inspiration among all audiences: clients, stakeholders, suppliers and employees.


We see ourselves as a roof system solution enabler based on our know-how, production capacity and stable supply chain. In joint collaboration with OEM’s and non-automotive new entrants we provide answers that enhance the functionality of car interiors to comply with passengers’ requirements and what they want to do with their time in the car. At Inalfa we believe that the future is not just about driving, it will be about the ride and the in-vehicle experiences. As such, we do not only focus on specs and techs, we develop roof solutions that are designed for creating a unique and personal mobility experience, delivering wow-effects, surprise and delight. Integrated and user-friendly.

Our use cases

Weight saving on glazing

Details of use cases

There is a weight reduction trend in the automotive industry drive for thinner glazing. 2.1//2.1 semi-tempered laminated glass is the current industry standard for laminated construction. Thickness reduction of the glass results in a significant step in weight reduction.

1.6//1.6 semi-tempered thin laminated full encapsulated glass can reduce weight on glass and system level. Weight saving on glass level (2.5kg/m² weight reduction to 2.1//2.1).


- Weight saving on glass level (2.5kg/m² weight reduction to 2.1//2.1)
- Acoustic performance, better than current 3.85 tempered glass


- 1.6//1.6 semi-tempered thin laminated full encapsulated glass


- Physical validation

Development Status

- TRL5 ready (sellable)

Development Partners

- Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Further information

- Light transmission TL(6-13)%
- Solar direct transmittance TE(4-12)%
- Colour: no difference visible

What we are looking for

The roof system for the future will be the technology/innovation platform. Inalfa will be the partner for OEM’s for a modular carrier and to suppliers for integration of new technologies.
- OEM’s – engineering/ purchase/ design/ ADAS departments
- Potential innovation partners – start-ups, tier 1’s, tier 2’s

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Stephan Vervoort
Product Planner
De Amfoor 2
5807 GW Venray
(P.O. Box 505. 5800 AM Venray)
The Netherlands

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