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Bond-Laminates GmbH (LANXESS Group)
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LANXESS is a leading speciality chemicals company based in Cologne. Our High Performance Materials business produces engineering plastics that are sold under the brand names Durethan®, Pocan® and Tepex®. Its largest customers are in the automotive and electrical & electronics sectors.
Our composite technology is marketed under the brand name Tepex® a high-performance composite based on thermoplastic polymers. The flexible fiber orientation within the composite and the full consolidation with a thermoplastic polymer enable material solutions with high structural strength and extremely low thickness.
Tepex®, versatile and powerful at the same time, is a convincing answer to challenges arising from current megatrends such as green mobility. It enables innovative solutions for individualized product designs and product properties and increases safety, resource conservation and environmental protection. Tepex® is the material of choice wherever high-volume lightweight construction and functional integration are required.


Tepex® materials and solutions
As diverse as the application possibilities may be, Tepex® can be configured in a variety of ways.
Variable fiber orientation and their complete consolidation with a thermoplastic polymer give them high specific strength and stiffness. Components can therefore be designed with Tepex® with very thin walls and therefore particularly light.
We adapt the properties of Tepex® precisely to the requirements of the customer and his component. To this end, we develop customized semi-finished products from a variety of fiber materials and arrangements as well as different plastics - such as polyamides, polypropylene, polycarbonate, but also special plastics such as thermoplastic polyurethanes. The results are superior solutions for almost every application and industry.

HiAnt® Advanced technical service
When working with LANXESS, customers benefit from our comprehensive materials and processing expertise in all aspects of fiber-reinforced composites with thermoplastic matrix - regardless of the application or industry in question.
We are continuously expanding and enhancing this know-how. Our highly qualified employees contribute to this, as does our cooperation with external processing specialists and academic research institutions. LANXESS relies on trusting partnerships with its customers - from the early stages of product development to the successful delivery of components made of Tepex®. In this way, we help to ensure that our customers have top products in terms of design and performance.
The HiAnt® brand represents the complete know-how that LANXESS possesses when it comes to materials, composite technologies, simulation methods, component testing, processing and manufacturing. We introduce this expertise to our partnerships with our customers.

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Tepex® Innovative Composites

Although Tepex is well established in plenty of application fields since many years, we´re always open to think different and to open new opportunities.

Sustainability initiative “scope blue”: New materials and information to increase sustainability of thermoplastic lightweight parts

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Development and series production of parts in the fields of automotive, sports, electronic and industry applications.

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Dr. Stefan Seidel
Head of R&D (Tepex®)
Am Patbergschen Dorn 11
59929 Brilon

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