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Brainport Development N.V.
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Brainport Development is the economic development agency of the Brainport Eindhoven region. Close collaboration with many partners, sharing knowledge and smart entrepreneurship characterise the open innovation culture which makes Brainport Eindhoven the growth accelerator of the Dutch economy. As an independent and demand-driven organization Brainport Development develops the regional economic strategy, develops and realizes projects, offers business advice and promotes Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands and abroad.

Brainport Eindhoven has great ambitions in terms of mobility. The ultimate goal: zero emissions, traffic jams and deaths. This requires not only smart technology solutions, but a transition of a complete infrastructure and industry. There is a widespread need for sustainable, emission-free, smart and safe technological mobility solutions: electrically powered vehicles and associated infrastructure, hydrogen as energy carrier and smart, autonomous and connected vehicles and digital networks and systems. With its many, closely cooperating, innovative companies, IT businesses and knowledge and educational institutes that focus on mobility, Brainport holds an excellent position. Add the Automotive Campus and a government that is supporting mobility pilots in public spaces or is acting as launching customer, and the world is at our feet.

As Brainport Development we support with:
-Support in project and roadmap development, consortia building, project management, etc.
-Support in lobbying for the automotive industry, creating funding opportunities, etc.
-Coordination services for automotive/mobility projects and programmes
-International business development and exposure
-Network to industry and facilities in the region

Our use cases

Brainport Line - a new innovative transport system to connect all Brainport campuses in and around Eindhoven (Link to website)

Check our website for more information about regional stakeholders and best practices.

Further information

Dates and news: Automotive Week 2023

What we are looking for

Get in contact with companies who are willing to work together in our ecosystem, we act as intermediary towards other companies, knowledge institutions and governments. More specific we focus on:
Development of next generation zero-emission powertrains for the heavy duty automotive sector;
Development and realization of a regional CCAM system;
Testing and validation of automotive/smart mobility products, services and (digital) infrastructure.

Specific for this project. Our region within the EMR region is a relevant knowledge region regarding High Tech Systems and Materials and Automotive development. Many companies are active in this field. Together with these companies we want to be the hotspot for new mobility concepts.

Contact details

Geert van Seggelen
Program Manager Mobility
+316 51449852
Building TQ 5, Strijp T, 3rd floor
Achtseweg Zuid 159H
5651 GW Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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