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Being connected with most of the large composite players as well as non-composite companies that want to enter or even have to enter this field – SMACK will be the “missing link” between companies or industries.
Founded on 25+ years of deep industry experience as well as a solid techno-commercial global understanding.

SMACK is currently representing leading companies in the following areas:

-Design & Engineering
-Consumables (Peel Ply, Vacuum kits)
-Pre-Cut & Pre-Forms (Kits, Cuts, Parts)
-Raw Material (Glass, Carbon)
-Reinforcements (Woven, NCF, 3D, Veil, Pre Preg)
-Resin (EP, UP, Adhesive)
-Surface Finish (Paint, Protection)
-Pultrusion (Glass & Carbon)
-Tooling (Plugs & Molds)
-Manufacturer of Composite Parts (Infusion, RTM, SMC, etc.)
-Recycling (Fiber & Parts)

Solutions we offer:
Providing a whollistic approach from Design, Process, Tooling, Materials, Manufacturing to the final COMPOSITE PART through a global and independant network
Transforming & exchanging best practise Composite Solutions between different end-markets by providing an exchange plattform for non-competing industries and companies

Our use cases

Development and production of a Full Composite Bus Body (Monocoque)


Weight Saving approx. 2 to compared to a 13m metal version
Amortisation after approx. 4 yrs compared to 13m metal version


Glass/Carbon Composites


Vacuum Infusion

Development Status

1st unit produced

Further information

Other dates and news:
Windmesse Hamburg
CAMX Anaheim

What we are looking for

New composite materials
Development & Manufacturing Partner for Composite Parts & Applications for the Defense Industry
Development & Manufacturing Partner for Composite Parts for Human Aid & Disaster applications

Contact details

Marc Schrief
Founding and Managing Partner
+49 171 6461818
Malteserstr. 19
50859 Köln

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