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CompDesE GmbH
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CompDesE offers solutions for the development and optimization of structural components made of fiber reinforced composites. These solutions include simplification (reduction of the number of elements and connections) of complex load-bearing structures of motor vehicles but also improvement of the properties of a moving component of the machine/construction and thus increase the performance of the system. Our solutions are aimed to achieve a lightweight effect with the following advantages for our customers:

1. Higher strength of the structure through new topography, topology.

2. Reduction of construction weight through the application of production-optimized Fibre Reinforced Composites.

3. Higher load-bearing capacity of the construction (structure).

4. Reducing the costs (manufacturing, operation) of design through manufacturing automation and improved lay-up.

5. Fulfillment of specific requirements on the structure by utilization of purpose-driven design of the Fibre Reinforced Composite.

Design and Simulation

Using Finite Elements Analysis tools from Altairs Hyperworks®, CompDesE is modeling, analyzing, optimizing, doing studies and evaluating composite structures according to customer requirements. Our approach helps to design technically and economically most efficient composites structures, giving the customers the most valuable service on the market.


Together with partners, we help to manufacture prototypes with textile reinforcement based on textile reinforcement all of kinds and use Vacuum-Assisted Resin Infusion Molding (VARIM) Processing to consolidate parts.

Our use cases

Today we are working on highly loaded parts for the textile industry. Furthermore, we have already gathered experience in cooperation with the automotive industry and are interested in the propagation of lightweight solutions in this branch.

What we are looking for

Partners willing to implement structural components with endless reinforcement and polymer matrix in their structures/technical solutions.

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Dr.-Ing. Adam Kot
0049 176 963 44795
Lütticher Str. 172, 52064 Aachen, Germany.

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