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Code Product Solutions is an international, independent provider of engineering and consulting services. We focus on the high quality product development of assemblies made of plastics, composite materials, and metals.

With our interdisciplinary team and broad industry network, we cover the entire product cycle; from the concept and engineering phase to testing and production.

Code applies a proven highly-efficient engineering methodology called CAE-driven design. With this approach, timely and costly physical trial and error circles are not needed anymore. We believe that applying Computer Aided Engineering in combination with thorough material, processing and application knowledge, can reduce and even eliminate physical product testing. 

Design and Simulation

Building up virtual prototypes allows our engineers to perform various kinds of analyses such as structural mechanical, thermal, or fluid dynamical simulations, to answer specific questions that are crucial in finding the most optimal design. Advanced simulation methods help us to predict the behaviour of our customers’ products at a time in the development cycle when physical prototypes do not exist yet.

By efficiently using the available material, design and production capabilities an assembly with good performance, low weight and optimal cost will be constructed.

A slick design is more than appearance alone. It’s engineering ingenuity, smart design choices which improve the functionality, overall quality and performance of the product. Achieving this requires design processes that are creative and efficient at the same time. We create a success package by integrating all relevant aspects related to the project’s defined materials and technologies. This integrated approach leads to a smooth design process and an optimal final product.

In many customer projects and multiple joint research programs together with partners, our engineering team built up strong expertise in various construction materials, such as plastics, composites, and metals. This wide knowledge of different material types makes us the preferred partner to assess competing materials or to design multi-material systems, such as plastics-metal or plastic-composite hybrid parts

Making a winning design only works if it can be produced properly. Over the years we have successfully worked on products that were produced by means of several ways of manufacturing. Products ranging from small dedicated commercial series up to mass production technologies such as injection moulding of plastics, forming or draping of composites, and stamping of sheet metals. Right design choices and an integrated engineering approach are key for an optimal production process of the final product.

Our use cases

Circular sunroof-frame

Details of use cases

Perform a business case study for a large automotive TIER 1, within a circular economy project.
Within this project multiple concepts of sunroof frame have been developed which enables the TIER 1 to compare multiple materials and processing techniques.

For this project it was possible to reduce the weight by 43% and the cost by 40%, while fulfilling the requirements required for the OEM.


Reduction in development time
Design improvement in performance and costs
Implementation of innovative materials


Short fiber reinforced styrene maleic anhydride (SMA-GF) and UD-tape (PA-CF)


CAE-driven design method
Material characterization

Development Status

Business case for future development possible

Development Partners

Inteva, Polyscope, SGL, CLAUT

Further information

18 September 2019, CRS (Child Restrained System) seminar, Eindhoven
19 – 23 October 2019, Booth on the K-messe, Dusseldorf
5 – 6 December, International Conference Protection of Children in Cars, München

What we are looking for

Developing a demonstrator part
Broaden our network inside the EMR region

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Harold van Aken
+31 (0)6 178 05 293
Breinder 26,6365CX Schinnen, The Netherlands

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