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Created in 1990, Technifutur® is a competence center that develops and offers training to companies, job seekers, teachers and students.
In constant evolution according to the needs of the market, Technifutur ® is currently composed of 17 fields of activity:
Aeronautics, Assembly, Automation, Design, Energy and Environment, Image and Multimedia, IT, Maintenance, Measurement and Control, Micro-technologies, Organization, Surfaces and Materials, Industrial Techniques, Machining, Automotieve technologies, Eco-technologies, Motorsport technologies
In addition to training, there are other services: awareness raising, consulting, technological and business monitoring.

Technifutur® in numbers (in 2018) :
19.750 people trained
868.000 hours of training
135 people in-house
500 consultants
16.000 m2 of surface area (Srat-tilman and Francorchamps)
60 seminars and other technical events

Technifutur® holds more than 25 approvals or certifications (from CAD/CAM Pro engineer to PART 66 for aeronautics, including Microsoft certified, Siemens automation, ...)
Since 1 January 2019, the activities of Campus Francorchamps and Technifutur Sart-Tilman have been merged.

Process Optimization and Consulting

Trainings in industrial technologies
Factory 4.0
Reverse engineering
Additive manufacturing technologies
Trainings in automotive domains
Automotive technologies
Sport technologies

Our use cases

Project "Light Vehicle 2025"

Details of use cases

Technifutur® is involed in the gap analysis between the needs of industries in terms of news skills and the existing trainings in universities, technical schools, training centers.

Technifutur® is also involved in the conceptualisation of a product and the production of prototypings

What we are looking for

We are always looking for expertise and experts ready to develop new technical skills and ready to share the knowledge.
We are looking for multi-lingual experts reading to give courses in English, Dutch, German.
We are also looking for partners reading to work in European projects

Contact details

Frederik Cambier
Project Manager
15-17, Rue Bois Saint Jean. Belgium

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