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Textechno H. Stein GmbH & Co. KG 
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Textechno GmbH & Co. KG is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision test equipment and systems for textiles and man-made fibres, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Established for more than 60 years, Textechno is, together with its subsidiary Lenzing Instruments in Austria, world market and technology leader in the field of man-made fibre and filament testing. Textechno stands for reliable, innovative and highly automated technology as well as outstanding production quality and sustainable testing systems. Textechno is member of AVK and AZL. Textechno has received the JEC innovation award for its test equipment FIMATEST, a system for the quality assessment of the bond strength of the fibre matrix in reinforced plastics.

Design and Simulation

Our testing instruments allow for:
Mechanical and thermo-mechanical characterization of all kind of synthetic and natural fibers and yarns, as for instance used in headliners, textile hinges, tire chords, etc.
Characterization of various aspects of reinforcement fibers, rovings and fabrics used in fiber reinforced plastics.
Characterization of the fiber/matrix-adhesion.

We offer in-house contract testing services.

Our use cases

Fiber/matrix-adhesion testing with Textechno’s FIMATEST system

Details of use cases

The testing of fiber/matrix-adhesion is a key for development and production of high quality composites.


FIMATEST yields reproducible, reliable and meaningful results


Glass, carbon and other fibers
Thermoset and thermoplastic matrices


Single fiber pull-out test.

Development Status

Commercially available
Fully developed

Development Partners

IPF Dresden, FIBRE Bremen.

Further information

Meet us at the JEC in Paris. Also check: www.textechno.com/exhibitions/

List of products: www.textechno.com/products/

What we are looking for

Applicants for our testing devices and in-house testing services.
Partners for the development of novel testing techniques in the field of fibers, yarns and fiber reinforced plastics.

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Dohrweg 65  
41066 Mönchengladbach

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