Company name: GDTech
Description company activity:

GDTech’s services address the full process of product development, which includes the design (CAD), the design validation using numerical simulation, the manufacturing methods and the design of associated tools and fixtures, the manufacturing (CAM), the product testing, the product certification.
With more than 25 years’ experience, GDTech has developed a subcontracting model focused on the quality of its services. These services can be performed internally or on customer site.

Design and Simulation:

Engineering Services:

CAE: mechanics, crash, fluids and multi-physics simulations
CAD: from design to manufacturing: classical and tailor-made solutions
Research and development: additive manufacturing, non-linear vibrations, composites, multi-physics, optimization, and others.

At GDTech or on customer site.

Our use cases:

Crash test studies on the concept car Imperia

Details of use cases:

Green Propulsion, a company based in Liège, wanted to resuscitate the Belgian car brand Imperia, well known in the 1930’s. In that frame, they designed a lightweight prototype vehicle equipped with their latest technology in terms of cleaner-hybrid engines. GDTech was in charge of derisking the crash tests necessary to obtain the Euro NCAP certification. Many crash simulations were performed in order to predict the results of the physical tests and modify the design where necessary to meet the test specifications.


Virtual testing less expensive than a real one
Avoid “bad press” caused by potential test failure


Model of the car including details relevant for crash studies


Software used: LS-Dyna

Development Status:


Development Partners:

Green Propulsion

Further information:

For more information visit: GDTech Services

GDTech is specialized in road safety and the design of road restraint systems and collaborates with international manufacturers and public institutes all around the world. Joseph Marra, Road Safety Manager, is member of the STA Management Committee.

What we are looking for:

Research projects

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Michaël Bruyneel
Scientific Director
+32 4 367 87 16
Avenue de l’Expansion, 7
4432, Alleur

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