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SEKISUI utilizes unique fine particle, adhesion and precise synthesis technologies to develop and provide high-performance and intermediate materials for a wide variety of fields such as electronics, automobile and transportation, buildings and infrastructures, industry, etc.

We provide the world with advanced, high-performance materials that take customer products and services to the next level.

We contributes to the automotive and transportation fields with our outstanding technologies and products like interlayer film.

Therefore, we propose a variety of materials related with ADAS, EV, Electronics parts, Interior/Exterior design parts, forming the future of automobiles.


Resin molding product: The resin molding product with our injection molding technology is best suited as the alternative to aluminum die-cast. Though its base material is plastics, it carries features of EMI shielding and Heat dissipation. It also ensures the advantage of the light weight over the metal-based materials.

Millimeter wave absorber: The absorber will help increasing the S/N Ratio of the Millimeter wave Radar and will be best suited with the devices that apply 76GHz/79GHz frequency.

Fire protection material Fi-Block™ : Fi-Block is an insulation product that expands itself triggered by heat, and then forms an insulation layer. This material is a replacement of a metal lid that realizes “lighter, heat insulation, EMI shielding” at the same time.

Sound and Solar Film: S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film is a plastic layer inserted between sheets of PVB. Heat-insulating micro-particles are dispersed evenly within this multi layered structure. This enables the blocking of infrared (wavelength 1500-2100 nm) and ultraviolet rays, preventing skin irritation and extreme increase in temperature in buildings.

Colour Film: The S-LEC™ Colour Film can be combined with a sound-insulating plastic layer. This enables privacy glazing with noise reduction and safety function, creating a comfortable interior environment.

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SEKISUI CHEMICAL selected as one of the 2020 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for the third year running. Click here

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Takaichi Hiratsuka 
Group Leader Automotive and transportation marketing group
+49 (0)173-524-1544
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